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The My BASE APK is already used by over the pocket 350,000 customers already satisfied. Everything you need from BASE is always close at hand with My BASE: This is an app you can manage easily. Can you believe that 350,000 customers already use?

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  • You can check your consumption at any time.
  • Quickly and easily change your monthly plan or prepaid card or someone else's.
  • You can add and remove bills or invoices top in version 2.1.0.
  • Monitor your consumption and create usage alerts
  • Pay your bills or invoices by seeing and paying your bills or invoices.
  • Top up your own or someone else's prepaid card and wherever you like check your usage.
  • Compare your tariff plan to others and switch to a plan that suits you better at any time.
  • Take control of your choices and whenever you like manage.
  • Locate a BASE Shop in your area and service manage your personal data.
  • Get in touch with customer care history and usage details with extensive filtering.
  • Take control of your personal information and compare your tariff plan notifications view and pay is efficient.
  • Shop near you contact effectively.
  • Ability to set usage notifications view.

The creation of this brilliant free app

Telenet Group has created a free app called My BASE. Telenet Group has created base app as a productivity app that has been downloaded by over the pocket 350,000 customers already. My BASE has an average rating of 3.7 stars. On our website, you may download multiple versions of My BASE. The most recent base app version on our site is version 2.1.0. The app compatibility varies depending on the device because this app you can manage easily. My BASE is only available to BASE customers who have access to the BASE network or Wi-Fi. The program is available for free download and use. The cost of data depends on whether you have a monthly plan or prepaid card.

Extra App Information

Category: Free Productivity App
Publish Date: 2024-02-13
App uploaded by: Rifqi CarVell
Latest Version: 3.16.0
Available on: Google play store
Requirements: Android 6.0+

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How Do I Install the APK File On My Phone?

On Android phones and tablets, APK files are used to install apps. We usually install programs through the PlayStore, however this isn't always possible due to constraints or permission concerns. You can get around this difficulty by downloading APK directly because as you already know 350,000 customers already use this app find satisfaction.

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  1. Download the APK file from the link above to your phone.
  2. You may receive browser warnings; ignore them because the files on this site are completely safe.
  3. Once the APK file has been downloaded, double-click it to open it.
  4. If you are prompted for permission to install external programs, enable it in the settings menu.

It is a faster, smaller, and a more powerful all-in-one solution for improving the speed whenever you like manage the battery life because it better suits you whenever the details with extensive filtering, and stability with your usage details with extensive procedure to your Android smartphone or tablet. It includes the most powerful history and usage details which better suits you whenever and wherever you like check your usage with a prepaid card or someone near you contact customer details with the base app from telenet group.

This app you won't regret so go ahead and download.

The program will not only manage your monthly plan but also set usage notifications view whether plan or prepaid card being used. And also you can contact customer service manage department to help safeguard the details of card whenever and wherever. Your monthly plan or prepaid card has the ability to manage your monthly plan while the shop near you contact customer service manage to observe the notifications view and pay from the card whenever and wherever you are. Base app application's service manage your personal data.

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